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Bristol Rovers Community Trust ‘Mascot Packages’

As the excitement builds on match days at the Memorial Stadium, there's an opportunity for young fans to take their love for Bristol Rovers FC to a whole new level. Our Mascot Packages offer an unforgettable experience for kids, allowing them to be a part of the action and create lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

We at the Community Trust understand the significance of engaging with the local community and nurturing the passion for football from a young age. The mascot packages are a prime example of our commitment to connecting our young fans with the club.

So, would you like your special young ‘Gas Head’ get a chance to play on the pitch at the Memorial Stadium, in front of thousands of football fans? Get to walk out of the tunnel with the first team representing Bristol Rovers FC? Get their photo taken by our official club match day photographer? Get a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime? Then this will be the perfect way to make your match-day extra special.

What does it include?

  • Playing on the pitch prior to the game

  • Having your photo taken by our official club photographer

  • Walk out of the tunnel with the first team as the players enter the pitch

  • Pitch side access for accompanying parents / guardians prior to kick-off

Who is the Day For?

  • Children aged between 5 – 16 years old

What happens on the day?

1.35pm - meet our Mascot Coordinator at the top of the ‘Emergency Access’ ramp that leads down to pitch side. The ramp is by the turnstiles for the Northwest, South and West Stand entrance (turnstiles 7 & 8).

1.50pm - play on the pitch prior to kick-off

2.15pm - pitchside to watch the players warm up

2.30pm - official mascot photograph by the club photographer

2.40pm - watch the strikers shooting practice up close from pitch side

2.50pm - line up with the players in the tunnel

2.55pm - walk out with the team onto the pitch

3.00pm - take your place in the stands and enjoy the game

What you will need to bring?

  • Tickets to the game

  • The current Home playing kit (if you do not own the current Home kit then a shirt will be loaned to you for the pre match mascot activities)

  • Appropriate footwear to play on the pitch

  • Possible change of footwear for watching the game afterwards

  • Possible change of clothes in case of wet weather


This fantastic official Match Day Mascot package costs only £49 per child. Any match-day tickets required will need to be arranged and paid for separately with our Mascot Coordinator (see below).


If you require match day tickets, as part of your official Mascot package, then our Mascot Coordinator can arrange this for you. This will be an additional, separate cost based on the number of tickets required and will need to be arranged through our Mascot Coordinator prior to the game.

To Book

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