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Community Day 2022 | Meet Cath

Bristol Rovers are ready to celebrate their annual Community Day, this Saturday (April 2nd). Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting some of our participants who have benefited from the various programmes that we deliver.

Without the support of our fans, we simply wouldn't be able to make the impact that we do in our community. If every fans brings 'A Pound to the Ground' this Saturday, it will make a huge difference to our participants.

Extra-Time participant Cath, tells us how the support from Bristol Rovers Community Trust made a huge difference to her and the members of the group.

"I’ve been a member of the Extra-Time Club at Bristol Rovers Community Trust for many years. Extra-Time is a weekly social group for Over 65’s that is based at The Memorial Stadium and every other week, we have the opportunity to visit a local attraction within the local area.

It has been a very tough couple of years for all members of the group but since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Bristol Rovers Community Trust where there to support us. We all received weekly phone-calls and visits from the members of staff and the ‘Gas Girls’ which was incredibly thoughtful. It was great to chat them all!

When restrictions started to ease and we were able to return to The Memorial Stadium, it was such a fantastic feeling to see everyone again and enjoy each other’s company. We really are like one big family and without the support of Bristol Rovers Community Trust, I wouldn’t have met some of the wonderful friends that I have today.

Bristol Rovers really is a community club, and we should cherish the fantastic work that the Community Trust does for many people within Bristol."

If you would like to make a donation to Bristol Rovers Community Trust, you can do so by clicking here


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