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Female FIT FANS to 'Walk to Wembley' and Back!

A group of female Bristol Rovers supporters and Community Trust FIT PIRATES participants have set themselves the challenge of walking virtually to Wembley from The Memorial Stadium and back. A challenge that will consist of nearly 500,000 steps each, all in a bid to raise funds for the Community Trust and their group.

Not only are Stephanie Withey and Kelly Oxley supporters of ‘The Gas’ but they are participants of the EFL Trust’s FIT FANS project which is run by Bristol Rovers Community Trust and the pair were inspired and motivated to come up with a challenge that can unite the group. All in a bid to improve each other’s physical and mental health and to help to raise funds for the Community Trust.

The team have also taken consideration of the dark nights throughout the winter period and to combat this, they have set-up a “Buddy” system for members of the group who live near each other, having the opportunity to walk together. All members of the group have also been given Bristol Rovers Community Trust Hi-Vis vets, to make sure they are fully visible at night whilst they are walking.

When asked about the challenge, Stephanie said “Originally the idea was going to be for a few of us to take on the challenge, but we were thrilled to hear that everyone within the group wanted to participate. With the nights starting earlier during this time of the year, we didn’t want anyone to walk in the dark on their own, so we’ve put a system in place for those who live near each other to walk together, wearing a Hi-Vis tabard to ensure that they are seen. “

Kelly also added “We wanted a challenge to motivate us. We wanted to do this to get healthier, but we were keen to do this a group which will help us to bond and support each other throughout the programme and beyond. Walking with other people can be great for your mental health too. If you’ve had a day at work for example, being able to chat to someone about it can be really helpful, so this challenge has so many benefits.”

Bristol Rovers Community Trust, CEO Adam Tutton said “We’re all delighted that the ladies from the EFL Trust FIT FANS group have taken the Walk to Wembley challenge. They have set themselves a really tough challenge, but the group have been so supportive and motivating for each other, which has made an enormous difference. The ladies have been discussing all elements of the programme including their physical and mental health and of course the safety element of walking together at night. It has been a pleasure to work with them and we cannot wait to welcome them to The Memorial Stadium to complete their final steps. “

With the challenge now underway, the ladies aim to raise as much funds as possible to help the group continue once their free 12-week FIT FANS programme is completed.

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