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‘Gas To 5k’ celebrate first park-run ahead of home season opener

It wasn't only our first home match of the season. It was also the first park-run for our ‘Gas To 5k’ participants after completing a 10-week online programme, produced by Planned Fitness Goals. The Eastville parkrun came alive with the determined strides of Bristol Rovers fans who embarked on a journey of transformation through the 'Gas To 5k' program. This unique initiative, led by Grant Rees of Planned Fitness Goals, aimed to blend the fever of football fandom with the discipline of fitness training, to help participants live a healthier lifestyle. The program culminated in a triumphant park-run that showcased the power of our football community and dedication.

The Gas To 5k program was not just another fitness regimen; it was a testament to the unifying of fans and supporting each other to improve their overall fitness. Over a span of 10 weeks, participants were guided through an online training program tailored to the fitness levels and goals of a beginner. Grant Rees, the visionary behind this transformational journey, harnessed his expertise to design a holistic program that combined exercise, nutrition, and motivation. The goal was clear: to equip Bristol Rovers fans with the tools to shed their sedentary habits and embrace an active lifestyle.

The collective achievements of the group were nothing short of extraordinary. A staggering 129,000 calories were torched, a testament to the sweat and effort poured into each session. The statistics painted a vivid picture of their dedication: 903 activities logged, translating to 2,175 miles conquered after week 8, with the statistics growing even further over the last two weeks. These numbers were not just numerical values; they were milestones etched into the memory of every participant.

The 'Gas To 5k' program was more than just physical transformation; it was about fostering a sense of community, shared purpose, and personal growth. It showcased how a group of passionate football fans could come together, support one another, and achieve feats they might never have possible just a few months ago.

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees also shared his support for all of the participants ahead of the very first park-run!

For further information about the ‘Gas To 5k’ programme, please visit


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