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2023 has flown by and it is really that time again where we get ready to host of fantastic Children's Christmas party! The big man in blue is dusting off his boots and getting ready to spread cheer around the world, but first of all he is preparing for his annual visit to the Memorial Stadium. He knows the Community Trust host the best parties and he loves spending time with the future fans of the club!

Bring your children along for an evening of dancing, party games and fun. We want the Seat Unique Suite to be filled with laughter, music and a feel-good festive atmosphere. So, dig out the Christmas jumpers, get the bauble earrings at the ready and join us at the Mem for what is sure to be a fun night!

 We will provide each registered child with a soft drink and small snack and the bar will be open for the parents/carers to enjoy a drink and a chat while we entertain the children.

As always, we are pleased to partner up with The Tote end Old Boys who are very kindly ensuring that every registered child attending will leave with a gift. 

Thursday 21st December

7pm - 8:30pm

Seat Unique Suite

Memorial Stadium


Please note that these events sell out quickly so do get your child registered as soon as possible. Only children who are registered will be able to attend. Children will be given a gift when they leave so it is important, we know exactly how many children are coming. Anyone not registered and ticked off on arrival will not be entitled to a gift. Please also note that we will provide a small sweet snack for the children. No food will be available the the event so please ensure your child has had dinner before they arrive.

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