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FIT FANS is a free health programme for men and women aged 35-65 who are looking to lose weight, get fitter and lead a more active life. The 12 week programme is delivered by coaching staff from Bristol Rovers Community Trust at The Memorial Stadium. 


You will meet fans just like you, who want to lose weight. You’ll go behind the scenes at Bristol Rovers, learn about healthy eating and take part is an exercise programme, but don’t worry people often say with FIT FANS they are too busy having fun to realise that they are exercising.

The main aims of the programme are to:

  • Improve your eating habits

  • Cut down on alcohol

  • Increase your activity levels – one step at a time!

  • Reduce your weight and waistline

  • Support each other to stay on track

FIT FANS has helped 1000’s of people – football fans like you – to achieve long-term improvements in weight loss, physical activity, diet and general wellbeing.


FIT FANS is for you if:

  • You are aged 35-65

  • Have a BMI of 28+

  • Your waist is 37in (males) or 31in (females)

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