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Ahimsa Yoga Joins Forces with Bristol Rovers Community Trust as a Community Champion

We are delighted to announce that Ahimsa Yoga have once again teamed up with Bristol Rovers Community Trust, solidifying their commitment to the local community by becoming a Bristol Rovers 'Community Champion'.

This collaboration emphasizes the shared belief in offering opportunities to people from diverse backgrounds and abilities, with the aim of enhancing their lives through our four quarters of impact (Education, Health, Inclusion and Sport)

Owner of Ahimsa Yoga, Bob Seymour, expressed his motivations behind the partnership, stating, "My decision to continue supporting the Community Trust and to become a Community Champion is rooted in my belief that the Trust extends opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. The charity serves as a lifeline to our community in countless ways, and I have personally witnessed the positive impact it has on individuals through my continued sponsorship of the 'Gas Girls'."

By becoming a Community Champion, Ahimsa Yoga has further embraced our vision of furthering our objectives and positively impacting more lives.

Adam Tutton, CEO of Bristol Rovers Community Trust, expressed his gratitude for this valuable partnership, saying, "We extend our heartfelt thanks to Bob from Ahimsa Yoga for becoming a Community Champion. As always, his support is invaluable in enabling us to extend our reach to even more community members who can benefit from the various programs and initiatives we offer. We deeply appreciate their commitment and are excited to collaborate to create a positive impact in Bristol."

The Bristol Rovers Community Champion initiative was unveiled earlier this season which was was designed to promote collaboration among local businesses and elevate the quality of life for Bristol's residents. The Trust firmly believes that the strength of the community lies in its collective efforts, and this programme offers local businesses the opportunity to contribute significantly to this shared vision.

For more information about the Bristol Rovers Community Champion initiative and how your business can get involved, please click here.

For further information about Ahimsa Yoga, please click here.


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