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Bristol Rovers Community Trust Delivery Update (11th January)

Bristol Rovers Community Trust will be suspending all of our community-based football sessions until further notice in order to protect the safety of our participants and staff.

With some schools remaining open for the children of key workers and vulnerable children, Bristol Rovers Community Trust coaches will continue to support those schools as required. Our staff will be adhering to the safety procedures of the individual schools in order to keep everyone safe.

Despite the suspension of some sessions, Bristol Rovers Community Trust are fully committed to ensure that the members of our community during this difficult period.

Our education programme will continue to work remotely with lessons delivered online. The education team will also be hosting some practical fitness sessions during the lockdown period.

The 'Tackling Loneliness Together' project will be more important than ever over the coming weeks. Members of staff will be making socially distanced visit for some of our 'Extra Time' group while continuing to send letters and make phone calls to vulnerable supporters.

If you have any enquiries, please contact us via


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