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Bristol Rovers Community Trust supports Lifebuoy’s mission to help youngsters on Global Handwashing

Each year on 15th October, 200 million people worldwide celebrate Global Handwashing Day.

We’d urge you to join Lifebuoy’s mission to educate five million children on the importance of hand hygiene by 2025!

Teaching our children why handwashing matters is vital.

Lifebuoy, Official Hygiene Partner of the EFL, set up a kids hand hygiene programme called ‘Soaper Heroes’ which has been put in place to improve kids hand washing behaviours.

The aim of the programme is to help kids, and those around them stay healthy. If we can keep them away from having sick days from nasty germs, we can have them out playing sport and there is where you can help! Lots of clubs and kids are already taking part in the programme, utilising the engaging and educational football activities in their everyday training sessions.

Good hand hygiene doesn’t need to be difficult!

By downloading the Lifebuoy Soaper Heroes programme, you will also receive the following:

  • A welcome letter from EFL’s Soaper Heroes Ambassadors

  • An overview of Lifebuoy’s Soaper Heroes Programme

  • Soaper Heroes warm up activity

  • Soaper Heroes clean up activity

  • Educational Hygiene Posters for your club

  • Soaper Heroes certificates

Search Soaper Heroes to find out more or visit

Download your Soaper Heroes pack by clicking here.

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