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Community Trust announce the appointment of Martin Bisp onto the Board of Trustees

Bristol Rovers Community Trust are delighted to announce the appointment of Martin Bisp, Co-Founder and CEO of Empire Fighting Chance, as a member of the Board of Trustees. Martin brings with him a wealth of experience within the charity sector alongside over 25 years business experience.

The Community Trust and Empire Fighting Chance have enjoyed a successful working relationship over the years to offer young people educational opportunities as well as training at the Bristol Boxing Gym.

Martin worked for 24 years as a Business Analyst. In 2006, whilst still working as an analyst, he witnessed a drug deal in St Pauls, Bristol. At the time he was running the Empire Amateur Boxing Club and, for reasons he’s still unsure of, Jamie Sanigar (Empire Co-founder) and Martin went over to challenge them.

During the conversation they invited them back into the gym for a 1-2-1 pads session and within 6 weeks they had 50 young people coming 5 days a week to a free after schools boxing class.

This, combined with the frustration of seeing vulnerable young people make poor choices or be unable to access things like mental health services, meant that over the next ten years Martin volunteered his time during evenings and weekends to transform a small boxing project into a fast growing professional charity. In February 2017 he left corporate life to become Empire Fighting Chance’s full time CEO. Empire Fighting Chance now work with thousands of young people a year nationally.

Bristol Rovers Community Trust, CEO Adam Tutton said, “I’m delighted to welcome Martin onto the Board of Trustees here at Bristol Rovers Community Trust. Both of our charities have successsfuly worked together over the last few years and I’m very excited to see how our we can progress, develop and grow with Martin’s experience and insight in the charity sector.”


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