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Medequip donate brand-new bibs to Bristol Rovers Community Trust disability sessions

Medequip, a renowned medical equipment specialist, have kindly donated a supply of brand-new branded bibs to the Bristol Rovers Community Trust disability sessions.

This generous donation from Medequip showcases their commitment to supporting the community and empowering individuals with disabilities to participate in sports activities, and continues their excellent relationship with Bristol Rovers Community Trust.

Ellie Burcher, a representative from Medequip, expressed delight in collaborating with the Community Trust to provide the necessary equipment for the team's support. She said, "Medequip is really pleased to be able to work alongside Bristol Rovers Community Trust in ensuring the team has the equipment needed to support them. It was fantastic to see the team working together to develop their football skills and confidence during the sessions."

This donation of high-quality bibs by Medequip demonstrates their commitment to promoting inclusivity in sports. By supporting disability sessions and providing the necessary tools, Medequip is actively encouraging individuals with disabilities to participate in physical activities and develop their skills. Such initiatives play a crucial role in boosting self-confidence and overall well-being.

Project lead Will Dixon, expressed gratitude towards Medequip for their kind donation. Dixon stated, "We are incredibly thankful to Medequip for their generous contribution. The brand-new branded bibs will enhance our disability sessions, enabling our participants to excel in their football skills and foster a sense of belonging within the team."

Bristol Rovers Community Trust are very proud to be working alongside Medequip, and through our joint efforts have created an environment where individuals with disabilities can thrive and actively participate in sports activities.

For more information about our disability sessions, please click here


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