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Bristol Brunel Lions Club donate 50 'Message in a Bottle' packs

The Community Trust has received a fantastic donation from the Bristol Brunel Lions. The group have donated over 50 ‘Message in a Bottle’ packs for our walking football participants.

The Message in a Bottle campaign ensures that important medical and personal information is available to the emergency services if they are called to your home. Members of the Message in a Bottle scheme place a bottle in their fridge containing medical information. Emergency services are trained to look for two stickers (one on the inside of your front door and the other on your fridge) which will alert them to the bottle and it’s potentially lifesaving content. Bristol Brunel Lions in partnership with local councils, health services and the emergency services have now placed almost 20,000 bottles since the scheme started in 2005.

The Lions Club made the presentation to Community Manager, Matt Bennett, and Keith Gwilym from Bristol United. Community Manager, Matt Bennett, said “This is a fantastic gesture from Bristol Brunel Lions and the walking football groups from both ourselves and Bristol United are extremely grateful for this donation. Message in a Bottle saves lives and by ensuring that our walking footballers have access to this scheme we are helping to safeguard some of our most valued participants.

Keith from Bristol United Walking Football Club, added "'Bristol United players are very grateful to the Lions for this generous and potentially life-saving gift. They will be invaluable at home but also to carry with us when we play in League games and on tour in the UK and abroad."

President of the Bristol Brunel Lions Club, Lion Julia, said "Bristol Brunel Lions have been serving the local community for 50 years and are really pleased to be involved with our local Walking Football Clubs as are many Lions Clubs across the UK. Message In A Bottle (MIAB) is a fantastic Lions scheme and we are happy to provide 'top ups when needed."

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If you would like to know more about the Bristol Brunel Lions Club and the work that they do in the community, please click here


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