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Community Day 2022 | Meet Finn

Bristol Rovers are ready to celebrate their annual Community Day, this Saturday (April 2nd). Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting some of our participants who have benefited from the various programmes that we deliver.

Without the support of our fans, we simply wouldn't be able to make the impact that we do in our community. If every fans brings 'A Pound to the Ground' this Saturday, it will make a huge difference to our participants.

We spoke to 2nd year BTEC Student Finnley Anderson about how the course has given him the confidence to thrive and pursue his goals.

"When I was in Year 11 preparing for my GCSE’s, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do after my study’s. That’s when I heard about the BTEC course at Bristol Rovers Community Trust, and I instantly felt like this was the right path to go down.

We train 3 times a week at Lockleaze Sports Centre and we represent Bristol Rovers every Wednesday in an EFL National League. We then have lessons every afternoon that cover a wide range of topics related to the sports industry. It’s been amazing to feel a part of such a professional setup.

When I started at the Community Trust I was definitely interested in pursuing a career in sports coaching but over the last two years the course has broadened my horizons and my ideas about what career paths there are in football and sport.

The staff at the Community Trust have been amazing and they’ve been able to boost my confidence and have inspired me to enjoy sports more than ever. I’ve made many new friends here and it’s great to feel a part of the sports industry whilst studying at The Memorial Stadium.

The BTEC programme has definitely equipment me with the skills that I need to continue onto a higher education course and I will always be thankful for their support."

If you would like to make a donation to Bristol Rovers Community Trust, you can do so by clicking here


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