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Community Day 2022 | Meet Teddy

Bristol Rovers are ready to celebrate their annual Community Day, this Saturday (April 2nd). Throughout the week, we'll be highlighting some of our participants who have benefited from the various programmes that we deliver.

Without the support of our fans, we simply wouldn't be able to make the impact that we do in our community. If every fans brings 'A Pound to the Ground' this Saturday, it will make a huge difference to our participants.

We spoke to Teddy's Mum Kat, to explain the positive impact that the Community Trust has had on her son.

"My son Teddy suffers with a rare genetic condition called 5P-.

When his physio recommended extra physical activity for him and with Bristol Rovers being a massive part of our family, I got in touch with the Community Trust to see what they had to offer. They got back to us straight away and now the youth disability sessions are a huge part of Teddy’s routine. He absolutely loves it!

Teddy has become such a sociable young boy and he’ll make friends with anybody. His confidence has grown enormously since we’ve started attending. Before I’d always have to be nearby to make sure I’m seen but now he’s happy to go off with any of the coaches and play with the other participants.

The staff have been amazing and made him feel so welcome. They all understand his situation and help to accommodate him.

It’s already made such a positive impact on Teddy, and I couldn’t recommend these session enough. It’s such a nice feeling that for one hour a week I can simply see Teddy, being Teddy."

If you would like to make a donation to Bristol Rovers Community Trust, you can do so by clicking here


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