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Go Alloy Distribution become a Community Champion

Bristol Rovers Community Trust are delighted to have gained a valuable ally in our mission to support the local community, thanks to the recent partnership with Go Alloy Distribution Ltd, who become a Bristol Rovers Community Champion.

This collaboration signifies a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals from within our local community. Iain Goad, the Managing Director of Go Alloy Distribution Ltd, shared his thoughts on the partnership, stating, "The reason that we wished to support the Community Trust & to become a Community Champion is that we believe that the Trust offers the opportunity for people of all backgrounds and abilities the possibility to enjoy & benefit from a range of support and activities that will be a positive benefit to them in their communities. The power of an association with a League Football Club in the community through the Community Trust supporting those who need it most, whether it be for reasons of health, inclusion, education, or sport, is so important. The charity provides a lifeline to its community in so many ways & I have first-hand knowledge of how this benefits people, as one of my friend's sons with a disability is welcomed by the ability team to play football in a secure and safe environment, which he looks forward to and really enjoys."

Adam Tutton, CEO of Bristol Rovers Community Trust, expressed his gratitude for the support, saying, "We are truly grateful to Go Alloy Distribution Ltd for becoming a Community Champion. Their commitment to our cause will help us reach even more people in our community who can benefit from the various programs and initiatives we offer. We greatly appreciate their support, and we are excited to work together to make a positive difference in Bristol."

The Bristol Rovers Community Champion initiative was unveiled earlier this season which was was designed to foster collaboration among local businesses and elevate the quality of life for Bristol's residents. The Trust firmly believes that the strength of the community lies in its collective efforts, and this programme offers local businesses the opportunity to contribute significantly to this shared vision.

For more information about the Bristol Rovers Community Champion initiative and how your business can get involved, please click here.

For further information about Go Alloy Distribution, please click here.


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