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Luke Leahy announced as Community Trust Health Ambassador

Bristol Rovers Community Trust are delighted to announce that Bristol Rovers first-team player, Luke Leahy has volunteered to become our Health Ambassador. Luke will working alongside Alex Rodman, Mark Little, and Alfie Kilgour who are our current ambassadors to the four key areas where the Community Trust focus our efforts, health, education, inclusion and sports.

One of the main priorities for the Community Trust, is the delivery of projects to help improve the health and well-being for participants in our communities. Positive physical and mental health is needed now more than ever and Luke is thrilled to be joining the team to help us promote the work that we do and inspire our participants.

Leahy said: "I’m really proud to become the 'Health Ambassador' for Bristol Rovers Community Trust. Health and fitness plays a massive part in connecting a community, teaching children new skills and making us generally feel more happy. During our current situation and isolation/lockdown periods it’s become even more evident how much not only physical health but mental health needs looking after. I can’t wait to be apart of this and work together to build even more knowledge on how important a healthy mind and body can be and what we can do to achieve it."

Bristol Rovers Community Trust CEO, Adam Tutton, added: "I'm absolutely thrilled that Luke has volunteered to take on the role as our 'Health Ambassador'. He has spoken so passionately about the role and I know that he will be able to help us to inspire and engage with the people in our community. I'm very excited to work with Luke on our current and upcoming health projects and I know that his enthusiasm will have a positive influence on our participants."


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