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Thousands of Primary School Children are set to discover the Joy Of Moving

Bristol Rovers Community Trust is proud to continue its support and delivery of Ferrero UK’s Joy of moving corporate social responsibility programme which inspires thousands of children to lead an active and balanced lifestyle.

The Joy of moving programme has been supporting children across EFL Communities in the UK for the past eight years, engaging over 440,000 children during that period, with a further 72,000 primary school children set to benefit from the programme this year.

The programme consists of two elements – the school-based Move & Learn programme and the Joy of moving Festivals – which have been developed in conjunction with EFL Trust. The unbranded programme is designed to inspire children to move through play, and in doing so, build up key skills such as physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions and creativity and life skills.

Alongside the in-school programme offer is the Joy of moving Resource Hub which houses a variety of fun games and activities to get children and families moving at home.

Cathy Abraham, Chief Executive at EFL Trust added:

”We are extremely proud of the Joy of moving programme and the positive impact it has on children each year. We are delighted to continue our partnership with Ferrero and through the EFL Trust’s network of Club Community Organisations, we will continue to deliver a fun programme to children and families.”

Charlie Cayton, Director of Corporate Affairs and Communications, Ferrero UK concluded:

We’re incredibly proud to have been able to deliver our corporate social responsibility programme, Joy of moving,over the past eight years to children up and down the country. Through our long-term charity partnership with the EFL Trust, the programme has delivered some fantastic results and helps to inspire children to learn skills that will support them in developing positive habits for adulthood. We look forward to the next year of the partnership as we continue to inspire children and families to get active and to discover the Joy of moving.”

To learn more about the Joy of moving Programme, visit


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