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Bristol Rovers Community Trust proudly donates season tickets to Bristol Foster Carers Association

Bristol Rovers Community Trust are delighted to donate 1 adult and 2 junior season tickets to Bristol Foster Carers Association. The tickets have been paid for by Pete Yeoman who is a Gashead who now lives in Gibraltar. He contacted the Trust and wanted to give deserving people in our community the chance to watch the famous blue and white quarters. The Community Trust would like to extend its thanks to Pete for this generous donation.

Matt Bennett, Community Manager, presented the tickets to two representatives of Bristol Foster Carers Association, Yvonne and Steve Harrison. The tickets will now be used to give children in care the opportunity to watch the Gas live at the Memorial Stadium. Matt said ‘It is a privilege to present Bristol Carers with these tickets and thank you to Pete Yeoman for making this happen. Bristol Carers do some incredible work with children in care and we hope that this donation will go some way to help the support they offer young vulnerable people within our community.’

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Sawyer Lost
Sawyer Lost
Jan 10, 2023

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